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Remember those picture viewers you used to get at amusement parks and other places? You would pull off the end and place a picture in it, put it back on and look at a light to see it? Well they still make them.. But this is a little twist into the world of lithopanes.. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithophane to learn more about them)

I have made an adapter using 3d printing that uses postage stamp sized 3d printed lithos… Its adorable and surprising at how something so small can look so good! The micro lithos are 35x28mm and slide right into the adapter easily, because of the rails i built, as you can see in the picture of the closeup..

You will receive a random colored (thats how they come to me) viewer.. You will also get 3 micro lithos.. If you want, you can also get a nice box that will hold all of your micro lithos.. Otherwise they will be made with a hole so they can be stored on the ball chain that comes with it… Lithos will be printed in white unless you want a different color, since white lets the most light though, it makes the best color to use… as you can see in the pictures, which were printed in white, it still comes out the color of the viewer a bit when taking a picture, but looking with your eye, it is solid white… So the picture comes out greyscale… but the box and adapter can be made in any color I have (which is a lot!)…

You get to choose your own pictures to use which you will send to me after you order… The pictures will need to be in a 4:5 (or 5:4 for horiz) ratio in size or they will be cropped to what I feel is best 🙂 if you want more pictures, you can get a 5-pack of them here.

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