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This transforming model starts as a police box and transforms into an optimal looking character! 😉 It doubles in height when put in the action pose… done in PLA plastic.. you can also choose your colors if you want.. contact me before and i can let you know what colors are available…

The original 100% size was nice, but I wanted to try to make it bigger.. So I had made a 250% which was the biggest i could make.. Its like a small child 😛 And would have been way too expensive to sell.. But recently i decided to try making 125% and 150% to see if they would work.. The problem with this is that the arm joint tolerance is bigger now, so the arms joints are loose and cannot be posed much..  It can still stand up, but as you can see in the (sixth in the list, with 2 posed standing) picture, the arms will just rest on the hips.. But if you plan on mostly keeping it in the TARDIS position, it will work just fine for you.. If you are buying it as a toy, you might just want to stick with the 100%, where the arms can be posed (they will still loosen over time from being used) better… If you find you are unhappy with it, I will be glad to exchange it for the 100%, but you will need to pay for the return and second shipping costs…

So the size for the:

100% is 6in as TARDIS and 12in as Optimus

125% is 7.5in and 15in..

150% is 9in and 18in….

much thanks to the original model creator, andrew lindsey https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:113117

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Weight 10 oz

100%, 125%, 150%


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