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This lightbox is great for a desk or nightside table.. It measures about 175x140x35mm in size, with the actual lithopane being 160x120mm.. It uses 16 color LED lighting that comes with a remote able to do any color, white and 2 color cycles… it has a USB plug at the end, which can be plugged into any usb power source such as a computer, a block that plugs into the wall like most cell phones use, or even into a powerbank like those used to charge phones… The frame (black in this example) may be customized to be any color you wish.. And of course you get to choose the picture you use! (which you will send to me after you order and we talk)

Special credit to my cousin for letting me use his photo he took that i made into a litho of the 55th Selma anniversary from 2020.. Check out his other excellent and interesting ground and drone photos on his website at:

Its kind of hard to see the detail from a picture of a lithopane.. but the Wikipedia page really has some nice shots that show what its really all about.. I highly recommend you take a look!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1.5 in

Box with ONE picture litho, Box with (3) pictures, 1 Extra Picture (no box), 3 Extra Pictures (no box)


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