Lithopane Bell Lampshade


ceiling fans usually have 3, and bathroom fixtures use anywhere from 4-6..

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This is a replacement for the glass lampshades that are used in many bathrooms and ceiling fans. Usually they are connected by 3 small screws on a fan, or by a large nut that goes around the socket where the lightbulb screws in, and is easy to remove and replace. For bathroom fixtures I recommend only using one square image since you wont see the back side, but for ceiling fans, you can use 2-4 images on each.. whatever images your heart desires, and each can be different!

Its kind of hard to see the detail from a picture of a lithopane.. but the Wikipedia page really has some nice shots that show what its really all about.. I highly recommend you take a look!

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# of shades

3, 4, 5, 6


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